Shubham February 25, 2018

A pub or any place where alcohol is served has the highest chance of brawls. If people follow normal etiquettes and keep their behaviour in check, chances of brawls and other disputes are reduced greatly.

When you are in a high class pub or lounge like Playboy Club or Raftaar Lounge, you should follow normal behavioural etiquettes, because if you don’t, then the bouncers might just crash your entire party. So, these five behaviour mistakes should be avoided at all costs when you are partying at a high class pub or lounge –

  • Not Saying ‘Excuse Me’ or ‘Sorry’:

When it comes to pubs and lounges, people get offended easily. You should make sure that when you accidentally bump into someone, you say sorry. Never accidentally bump into someone and go without saying sorry because if you do, it would look like you deliberately bumped into them. This is absolutely necessary if you bump into a lady. If you want to pass through and the space is less, then you should say excuse me. Say ‘excuse me’ politely and move through. The person would happily move and even say sorry to you! Wouldn’t that be a better way?

  • Whistling or Snapping Your Fingers to Get the Attention of the Bartender

This is a very demeaning gesture towards the bartender. Know that the bartender is also a human just like you and not your servant. Whistling and snapping your fingers degrade the level of the bartender and obviously he would dislike it. You obviously wouldn’t want to piss off someone who serves you your drinks. He or she could get back at you in many ways. Although bartenders are mostly polite, you should also give them the common courtesy of being polite. Instead of whistling or snapping your fingers to get his attention, you may raise or wave your hand.

  • Asking the Bartender to Charge Your Phone for You

The number of people who ask the bartender to charge their phone behind the bar is a lot. This isn’t a good behaviour. You should always charge your phone at home and go out. Besides, the bartender isn’t responsible for your phone. You should know that and not bug him to charge your phone again and again. Don’t keep bugging him about the battery percentage if he has agreed to charge your phone.

  • Arguing with the Bartender to Get After-Hours Drinks

After-hours drinks are illegal and the bartenders can lose their jobs because of that. They wouldn’t agree to give you drinks even if you offer to pay more. So, it isn’t polite to ask for them in the first place. This also applies to the time when the bartender cuts you off because you are a little too high or you are causing problems. Once you have been cut off, you should not ask for drinks no matter how much you want them.

  • Staring at Unknown People or at Their Table

This is one of the worst behaviours and the most common one. People are fascinated with unacquainted people and whatever they have ordered. It is a general tendency to look at someone else’s place. In a pub, don’t stare at other people’s drink. You should not stare at other people too. It is really unsettling and creepy, especially when you eye women. You don’t want to be a scary person in the bar. You should be chivalrous and a gentleman.

Being a polite and nice person in a pub or lounge doesn’t hurt your credibility, and make you less of a hotshot. So, when you are at the bar, avoid these mistakes and behave like a gentleman.

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